CUT & CHASE is a small Letterpress studio in West London
 clean designs, antique wooden and metal fonts, luxury card stock and limited colour palettes are used to create small runs of modern, yet timeless stationery and prints for the discerning home
bespoke options are available
Personalised letterpress stationery from Cut & Chase Letterpress

What is letterpress?

Letterpress printing is printing using moveable type - i.e. individual letters that the printer 'composes' into a layout and then prints from. I use a small Adana 8 x 5 for my work.

The letterpress printing method used means that you achieve an impression on the card (if desired) that you cannot get from digital forms of printing.


Vintage Typefaces & Ornaments are used to create modern stationery at Cut & Chase Letterpress are used for contemporary effect

typefaces & ornaments

Some naysayers think these old ornaments can't be used to create contemporary-looking stationery.

Here at CUT & CHASE Letterpress we love using these original old dashes to bring out the best in our vintage typefaces.

Combined with our linoblock designs, these help create something you won't find anywhere else.


Bespoke printing at Cut & Chase Letterpress

Bespoke stationery

CUT & CHASE offers bespoke printing, creating cards that will stand out on any mantelpiece.

Designs are created using a mix of hand carved lino blocks and original vintage metal typefaces and ornaments, many of which are between 60 and 120 years old.

Everything is individually printed by hand on an original 1960s Adana press, using FSC assured cardstock and materials.

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